Chaps Home Collection “Wainscott”

wain-mainYou may have just saved a few dollars.  To quote my father-in-law from Garland, Texas, “That’s better than a sharp stick in the eye”—no pun intended.  Paw-Paw wasn’t one for decorating.  Bisque?  Bone?  Bleached Almond?  White paint was always available on the shelf at his local Ace Hardware.

What is Good Eye for Color?  What do we do?  All the matching paint colors for comforters, shams, duvets, coverlets, pillows—many collections from Macy’s and Pottery Barn–have been pre-chosen.  These collections and the paint colors appear on my web site.  Tommy Hilfiger’s “Hydrangea Petals” from Macy’s or Bed Bath & Beyond’s “Jaipur” by echodesign.  Every three months new linen patterns with new seasonal colors are added.   All the paint brands, paint color names and paint color numbers are sold for $15.00 for each bedding collection.  Perfect Color.  Perfect Match.  Every Time.


The combination of fabrics and paints—illustrated on color boards on my web site—defines Good Eye for Color. “Wainscott” is a delightful example and the paint information here is complimentary.   This collection presents a floral-patterned group, accented with a colorful plaid. English country charm from Kohl’s Chaps Home.   All the colors—the rosy pinks in the floribunda roses, the pistachio greens in the ferns and trailing vines against the sand-colored background—are expertly matched using paints from nationally-known paint stores.

Some colors are noticeably altered under different types of light bulbs–but most are constant.  All the paints and fabrics are compared by me under a variety of lights—and a few ONLY match under specific bulbs.  SW 6124 ONLY harmonizes under fluorescent lighting while CL 2675D ONLY matches under incandescent.  DE 6199 and DE6200 do not match “Wainscott” under fluorescent but the colors are true under all other types—incandescent, LED and halogen.  Okay, this can be a bit confusing but…color is paramount and nothing is left to chance!

If you haven’t heard, Good Eye for Color offers custom design advice.  Any fabric—upholstery, drapery, carpet, wallcovering—can be matched with the perfect colors.  Check my home page for details or send me an email.

PS:  Bed Bath & Beyond has several drapes, a sheet set and two decorative plaques that complement the colors in “Wainscott.”  The specific manufactures of the drapery panels are not listed as B3 (Bed Bath & Beyond) displays the panels by name only as a general rule.

DRAPERY PANELS (matching specific colors)

Complements SW 6124 Macadamia & DE 6199 Pale Beach:
Henley pattern—khaki color

Complements CLW 1007W Blaeberry:
Linen Sheer style—ivory color  OR  Voile Sheer style—ivory color

Complements CL 2675D Mommia:
Reina pattern—sand color  OR  Origami—taupe color


Complements all colors:
Eucalyptus Origins—taupe color


GCC Studios’ wall plaques (6” wide by 23” long”)
“Always KISS me good night”
“Dance LIKE no one is watching”

Good Eye for Color was designed for you.  Perfect Color.  Perfect Match.  Every Time.